Michiru Ōshima (Composer Life)

One of the good things that come from music is the musical products that we could enjoy. Int his website is where you can be able to know about Michiru Ōshima which is a composer. She is a Japanese and had many works already. many you would not realize that it is her work. In the world of anime, she had a long list of the soundtrack that she had composed already. You will find the list in the other pages and you will recognize some.

She had such great work that she was able to also make compositions for various movies like the Godzilla. Many people knew here because of this soundtrack. Though she has not many appearances that would show her in the limelight like social media but many values her work. They had already known her and is loyal to her and her works. If you will search you will not see much of her but only of her works and so many people have the longing to also meet her.

Now there are more projects that she is doing. In the various industry, she has made her own contributions. Until now she is adding works in her long list of contributions that she had made into the various industry showcasing her compositions. She is also working with other musicians so they could together make a beautiful music. This is a good life of being a composer. When people appreciate your work, it is the best reward.